The World is Looking for You

The World is Looking for You

Innovative SA theatre company Control Party present a new work by writer Finegan Kruckemeyer – The World Is Looking For You. It tells the story of one woman unpacking a stranger’s life only to meet herself in the middle of it.

The World Is Looking For You is a play full of true stories. The true story of a woman joining a search party, and eventually realising she is looking for herself. The true story of an actress reading that story, and realising she too has become a stranger. So many stories about gulfs large and small – about who we’ve told ourselves we’d become and who we actually became.

Part memory-play, part found truth, and part conjured fiction, this is a story about encountering oneself in the middle of a life and discovering the many roles one plays within it. It’s about needing the spotlight, and running from it; about being destroyed by grief, and resurrected by it; about finding identity within - and without. Together, one woman and an audience will go searching in the snow.

Sir Robert Helpmann Theatre, Mt Gambier 
Wed 11-Fri 13 August

Space Theatre
1 - 4 September

Presented in association with Adelaide Festival Centre, Brink Productions and Country Arts South Australia.

Written by Finegan Kruckemeyer
Conceived and Performed by Sarah Brokensha
Director Daisy Brown
Composer & Live Musician Mario Spate 
Set, Costume and Lighting Designer Wendy Todd 
Lighting Consultant Geoff Cobham